I know there are a lot of naysayers out there who were betting that something would go wrong during the night. I mean, it DOES seem (at times) like my life is a bad soap opera, right? And every time I talk about it, it sounds like there's always some kind of sexy disaster about to happen, or it's already in progress, or it just happened.

Well, not Monday night!

Really, it was a perfect night, and I'm sure Lana would tell you the same, if she'd just pick up the phone and answered my calls.

Let me give you the setup: like I said, I had reserved us a table at La Rose Noire, that French restaurant downtown that the papers write rave reviews about. Great food and great service. And I took some tips from Brooke (who, whether male or female, knows his stuff about romancing chicks): the night before, I had gone to the restaurant, introduced myself to the Maitre D', given him all my information, etc. The trick, with this, is to make sure they know your name when you come in, treat you like an old and familiar friend. I also made sure they had my credit card info, so that when the time would come to pay, they wouldn't have to bring me a bill (it just makes you look WAY more important).

Lana and I had a wonderful dinner. It was a seven-course meal and the food and service were fantastic. So was the violinist (and definitely not TOO present). We had great privacy because I'd taken care (the night before) of selecting a booth at the end of the restaurant. Really, it was perfect.

And after dessert, as we were sipping our port and nibbling on our cheese, Morgan passed by our table, right on cue. Because, you see, this was the plan. She was the SECOND dessert. And what a DISH she was. She wasn't dressed as conservatively as she normally is at the office, oh no! She was dressed in a flimsy, pale blue blouse that showed her midriff; and her butt and legs were hugged by a tight leather skirt that looked just a bit too short and tight for her. Naturally, thanks to my "sex-ray" vision, I could see everything about her. She was "ready" to go, no doubt about it. She came to stand next to our table, breathing heavy and trembling, and asked me where she should sit.

That's when I grinned, looked at Lana (who CLEARLY couldn't believe her luck at this gift!) and pointed next to my girlfriend. "There," I said. Then I turned to Lana. "Tonight's when you're getting that threesome you've always wanted," I declared.

Lana was speechless. She looked at me, then back at Morgan, then again at me. "Are you kidding me?!?" she asked, with what I can only describe as wonder in her eyes.

"Yeah. That dame doesn't come cheap! I spared no expense... You're worth it."

After a few seconds of shock, Lana asked Morgan to let her pass and went to the ladies' room. Morgan slid next to me, her body radiating more sexual heat than I'd ever seen. She was shaking with desire. She slipped a hand under the table to hold my knee.

"I... How can this be happening?" she whispered. The hand crept up. "Don't understand... why I need you so bad..."

I grinned. "Don't worry. And why don't you sit in my lap, while we wait?" I suggested. She was happy to oblige, and could instantly feel how ready I was for her.

Unfortunately, Lana didn't return to join us, so we left not long after and spent the night having crazy sex in all the places of my apartment, and all the positions, I hadn't tried yet. And since we were on a roll and just couldn't stop, we both took the day off yesterday and kept up the marathon sex.

I can't wait to tell Lana all about it. I'm sure she'll be real excited about it.