So here's how things have been lately.

First, Brooke and Meghan. With Brooke's "situation," you might have been wondering how their couple survived that setback. It probably won't surprise you that the whole thing freaked Meghan out in the beginning. She already knew male-Brooke from way back, when she and I used to date, so the appearance change was less than a shock. The real problem was the... y'know, lack of male tools and all. As it turns out, though, Brooke's a master at this particular type of craft and I get hints (from Meghan, actually) that some earth-shattering orgasms have changed her mind.

Jennifer is gone. Not from my life, I mean, but gone from the country. She took an IT contract in France (somewhere in Provence) until the end of August. I follow her adventures on facebook and she seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit. Her French was already very good (I think), so I'm assuming it'll be great when she gets back.

Morgan's been coming over to my place from time to time. Attitude is the one who's insisted I have her come over here because she wants to "study" her a bit more. For me, well... you know the drill. Lots of sex and all that. Attitude hasn't shared her conclusions with me, but Minx says that the curses on Morgan are pretty complicated. She also says that Attitude gets very upset when Minx asks her questions about it. I think Attitude doesn't actually understand the magic that's on Morgan and that makes her irritable.

There's been an interesting development in my faerie sight, by the way. I'm calling it the Nudge. As you probably know, I can tell a woman's level of arousal pretty easily thanks to the Sight. That's been a fantastic help in finding out if I have a shot or not with a girl. But there's this gray, middle area where a girl is neither interested nor repelled by me. Normally, things either go one way or the other depending on what I say or do. But lately, with some coaching from Minx, I've discovered I can nudge a girl favorably toward me. I guess it's more of a tug than a nudge, but why quibble over semantics.

So with this in hand, yesterday I went to a dance club where Brooke and I used to go and decided to try my luck with some of the girls there. I'm glad to report it was a success. I left with a dozen phone numbers, some from girls who even insisted I take it without my asking. I'm kind of tempted to challenge Brooke and see which one of us can get the most numbers in an evening. Am I becoming a ladies' man? I guess so.

There's just one down side to the whole thing: doing Nudges repeatedly gave me a pretty nasty headache by the end of the evening. But hey, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?