I decided, if I'm going to have a power (however short the duration is going to be) and it's going to make women uninterested in me, I might as well make the most of it, right? So this morning, I decided when getting up that I was going to milk the arousal/orgasm thing for all it was worth.

First order of the day: while Mandy was still sleeping (next to me), I "stimulated" her. Her immediate squirming confirmed to me that I still had "it." I took my time, leaving her in that state, kind of enjoying the sight of her twisting around under the covers. Then I "released" her, bringing her to a rather spectacular climax. It woke her up, but by then I was already out of bed and getting myself ready.

I left my place and went to Coffeehaus, where I've been sighting Meghan and Brooke a lot, these last few weeks. No luck, so I turned my attention (and newfound power) to the pretty waitress. She was preparing my latte when her arousal levels went up, and up, and up! I gave her a puzzled look. "You all right?" But she ignored me, keeping the cup of latte in one hand, steadying herself against the counter with the other hand. I could see she was blushing furiously because of her lack of control, and decided to press things a little. "You look a little flushed. Should I call someone?" But as she opened her mouth to answer, I triggered her orgasm. She slammed the cup of latte smack in front of me, growling and moaning at the same time. I left more than enough money to cover the latte and a generous tip.

I went to work early. I wanted to get there before Melissa, the new receptionist. She doesn't have a particularly pretty face, but she spends a lot of time at the gym and has a pretty tight body. She also draws the attention from her face by unbuttoning her blouse just a tiny bit lower than propriety would suggest. And while she doesn't have much to show, I have to admit push-up bras do wonder for her figure. She's also a bit of a brat, so I didn't feel too bad when, as she sat down, I cranked up her arousal. A bit surprised, she got up immediately, and I stopped exciting her. She looked around and, noticing me, she sat down again. And again, I started turning her on. This time, she didn't get up. She blushed, realizing I was observing her, but didn't move. I heated things up a notch; she started squirming. I brought it up another notch. She put both her elbows on her desk and hid her face behind her hands. I could easily guess how much she was squeezing her thighs under the table. She repressed a moan, but I could hear it. So did Craig, a co-worker who came in at just that moment.

"You okay, Mel?" he asked.

I triggered her orgasm right at that moment.

"Oh YES! YESSS!" she screamed back at him.

The best part: I recorded all this on video, on my iPhone.

Like I said: make the best of a bad situation...