I've known Brooke for at least ten years, now, but he never said anything about his cousin Mallory. I guess that shouldn't be such a surprise. When you think about it, how many cousins of your friends do you know? Not many, I'm sure.

That other night when we went hunting for phone numbers, I have to admit I was pretty shocked when Brooke introduced her to me. But beyond the fact I'd never heard of her, I was surprised by how much in control she is. Thanks to my faerie sight, I can clearly tell she's really into me, but in another way, I'm stunned at her ability to resist her impulses. I don't need to nudge her, she's already on my side. She's playful, she's funny, and she's quite a tease at times, but I just can't seem to get her over that threshold.

I'll admit, I've given some thought to bringing Minx with me next time I go out, and ask her to make some magic happen, but part of me is resisting that urge. Mallory is a puzzle that I WANT to figure out on my own. Having some faerie help would just spoil that.

Anyway, we've been hanging out in town the last few nights. I'll let you know how things progress.

"I'm doing it."