So on Saturday, as I got back home from work, there was Mandy waiting for me in my apartment.

I could quickly see she was pretty upset. She was back to wearing the skanky outfits I've come to expect from her. She had two travel suitcases with her, next to the couch. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure some things out. I didn't have to ask or even say it -- she ran into my arms and started sobbing on my shoulder. Through her tears and hiccups, she blurted out that she'd been kicked out of the convent. Something about inappropriate behavior (big surprise there). She had nowhere to go, no one to turn to.

Except me.

I said she couldn't stay. I have someone in my life, and there's no way I can explain someone like Mandy staying at my place. Even to someone as open minded as Meg. I'm not heartless, however, and EVEN despite all she's done to me, I couldn't kick her out like that. I told her she could stay the night, and the next morning, she'd have to go and find herself someplace else to go.

A recipe for disaster, in hindsight.

Except that there was no disaster. I offered her the guest bed and retreated in my own bedroom. I fully expected her to come crawling into my bed, under the covers, and figure a way to weaken my resolve. I fantasized about her wearing that nun outfit, and coming to me in the middle of the night. I steeled myself against any attempt she might make.

By the time Sunday morning rolled around, it dawned on me that she wouldn't come, and neither would I. I was a little unsettled by this, but realized it might be part of some more devious master plan. I fell back into sleep until I was awakened by the smell of eggs and bacon wafting in from the kitchen.

I got up. The door to my bedroom opened, and Sister Madeline walked in, carrying a tray with eggs, bacon, toasts, some orange juice, and a rose in a glass of water. She gently put the tray down on the bed, told me to get started on the breakfast, and she'd be right back.

She stepped out. After a while, I found that it was taking her a long time to return, so I went to check up on her.

She was gone, and so was her luggage.


Breakfast was good, though.