Obviously, Martine really can't go to work in "his" condition.

For normal people, if something like that happened, you'd think they'd flip out. Not Martine, though. All of this sexual weirdness seems completely natural to her. More than it is for me, apparently. Gender swapping still weirds me out, even after everything that happened with Brooke a few years back. But no, Martine just rolls with it. She called in sick (pretending to be her own brother) and said she was taking some time off to nurse herself back to health.

The truth is, she's found a new "toy" (if you catch my meaning) and she's been spending a lot of "private time" playing with it in the bathroom. Tonight, I decided enough was enough, and it was time to get her laid. The moment I suggested it, Martine became overly enthusiastic and took over. She knew WHERE she wanted to go, WHO she wanted to do, and I was going to help. She grabbed the car keys, gestured for me to follow, and off we were.

To the SuperSexe, apparently. Yeah, that's where she works. But looking like a man, it was completely inconspicuous. No one recognized her, but she knew everybody else. She pointed me a slim blonde with a huge rack that was quietly texting on her phone in a corner. She had short hair, glasses, and looked too smart to work in a strip joint.

"That's Evelyn," Martin said. "She's hot, but not at all into chicks."

There was an edge of disappointment in Martin's tone that caught my attention. "You want her?" Martin nodded. I leaned my head toward Minx, who was discreetly perched on my shoulder. "You want to take this one?" I whispered.

Minx squee'd and jumped off my shoulders, flying off toward Evelyn. I leaned toward Martin. "Why don't you pretend you're going to the bathroom?" Martin nodded, got up, and headed downstairs.

I sat alone at the table, watching Martin go, then turning my attention to Evelyn. Minx was standing on her head throwing little bolts of energy at the girl's boobs and crotch. Evelyn shifted around, probably trying to relieve some invisible itch without anyone noticing, but that wasn't going to work. Minx just kept zapping and zapping. Evelyn's nipples appeared to grow increasingly erect under the white top of her outfit. I couldn't see what was happening at her crotch, but I could easily imagine it. After a minute of this, she got up and unsteadily headed downstairs, where Martin was waiting.

I later found out the details. Apparently, Minx made it so the poor girl chose the wrong door, entering instead a closet. Minx then went to get Martin. Apparently, when Martin entered the closet, the poor girl was sitting back on a chair, both hands groping all her sensitive bits, looking like she was ready for wild sex.

Which, as I understand it, Martin was happy to provide. Again, I didn't get the details, but I was by myself for a good half hour before Martin came back. The satisfied grin on his face said it all.

"I'm doing it."