Last night, Martin asked me permission to go back to the strip club, pick up Evelyn (all on his own, no help) and bring her back home.

I'm still not very comfortable with Martine being a guy, but she's been such a good sport about it that I felt I should indulge her.

I went to bed early, having nothing better to do. I figured I'd get up early, hit the gym and get some early exercise. My sleep was interrupted in the middle of the night by Martin returning with Evelyn. I was still half asleep when they fumbled their way into the bedroom, apparently groping and kissing each other. I could kind of see them in the darkness and I have to admit, that Evelyn chick looks pretty hot when she's all dressed up—which she was. Martin pushed her to sit on the bed, lips still locked with hers. She leaned back, her hand touching my leg. Surprised, she let out a little squeal and broke the kiss.

"Hey! There's a guy here," she told Martin, looking at me.

"Yup," Martin said as if this was completely normal. "That's Jaycee. We're together."

"No way!" Evelyn sounded excited. "You two are gay--"

"Not exactly," I interrupted, raising a hand."

Evelyn continued, ignoring me. "--'cuz I've always DREAMED about doing it with two gays."

"Yup," Martin said, staring straight into my eyes. "We're SO gay!"

I'll leave you with the mental image of what happened next... To Evelyn's credit, she was very enthusiastic about realizing her fantasy.

"I'm doing it."