Yesterday, I was in the office to do my work. I figured I'd had so much success on Wednesday, with the flirting at Tomes, that I should see if the flirting could work with colleagues. So armed with my newfound fearlessness and positive attitude, I started my day by bringing a coffee to Susan, the receptionist. She's a middle-aged pudgy woman with a very lively attitude and we have a great rapport. I told her the coffee was a down payment for the massage she'd give me later. We laughed about it.

And in the morning, the marketing girl whom I share an office with showed up wearing a very short skirt. I talked about how she'd dressed that way just for me, but disapproved of how LONG that short skirt actually was, and that she should change it for something more to my tastes. She blushed quite a bit.

And I kept doing this all day, with every female colleague I ran into. I wasn't really trying to date them or even get their phone number, it was just for the (harmless) fun of flirting around. And hey, I DID get one phone number, from this girl from Finance, Eileen, who's so skinny and fascinatingly ugly that you can't quite take your eyes off her. She's a bit of a train wreck, physically, but she's brilliant and has a biting sense of humor once you get her to come out of her shell.

And so went my day, except that by the end of the day, I was summoned in Shelley's office (she's our HR person). And then I was given a talk, about how several of the female employees of the company had complained about sexual harassment, and that had to stop.

That's when I made a comment about how I didn't believe her, and flirtatiously suggested that she was using this as an excuse to be alone with me in her office...

You can imagine how THAT went... So tomorrow, I'm not working. 1-day suspension, no pay.