The last week, a flurry of women came in and out of my apartment like there was a shoe sale or something.

Lana has been visiting me regularly. Part of it, I think, is her suspicion that Brooke (who's been at my place a lot, of late) might have set "her" sights on me. Since Lana doesn't know much about Brooke, it's easy to get the wrong idea. I've been ignoring the issue, in the sense that I don't make a bit deal of Brooke when in front of Lana, but I'm pretty sure there's going to be some kind of fight about this in the future.

Then, there's Mandy. She's been coming to my place a lot because she's begun "cleaning up" her old journal, which she says she wants to publish in small installments in the forums. Also, she comes here to meet up with Brooke, to teach him a bit about "being a woman." Since we're all pretending that Brooke has ALWAYS been a woman, and has just been hypnotized to THINK he was a man, Mandy is saying she's just there to "remind her how to be a woman."

I also had a visit from Morgan, Sunday morning. Lana had JUST left, which makes me think that Morgan was stalking the hallway of my building (a bit creepy, but then, with her looks, I'm not sure I completely mind). This wasn't one of those weird visits, at least I didn't think so until AFTER she left. She was just on her way to the office and wanted to pick up some documents I'd omitted to deliver to her on Friday. She used my bathroom before leaving. It was only later at night that Lana found her bra in the clothes hamper. Quick witted as ever, I claimed that it belonged to Brooke, who'd slept over a few nights before, and probably lost it there with the bed sheets or something.

Jennifer and Jed were also over my place last night to watch the most recent episode of Dexter, which I'd recorded for us to watch together (Brooke joined us late to watch the second half). I have to say, I was totally ready to lay some hate on Jed, whom I thought was just a stupid jock, but he turned out to be some kind of surprise. Sure, he's no brainiac, but he's a fellow Mac user. That earned him a few points in my book. Plus, he looks like he's treating Jenn right. Even if he's never even looked her in the eyes. But then, with her recent upgrades, even *I'm* not sure what her eye color is anymore...

And so, that's it for the women in my life.

Actually, not quite. This morning, I got a postcard from Zuri, who was in Buenos Aires last week, and showed me some fantastic pictures of her taking tango classes.