I guess it was just a matter of time before Meghan and I ran into each other. I'm a regular at Coffeehaus, and so is she. The only reason why I don't think she's seen me before is because I'm on the mezzanine while she stays at ground level, near the entrance. That, and the fact that I come in before she does. But finally, this morning, we bumped into each other.

Last time we "talked," she was experiencing hot, spontaneous and very public orgasms (remember?). We never really met after that (and I'm NOT complaining). This morning, though, I was a little late leaving my place. (Not that it's any of your business, but Mandy's "sex-hand-gun" still works, as does mine!). I often drop by Coffeehaus to get my morning java, but I usually do that much earlier than 8:00 AM. Not this morning, though. As I lined up in the queue, I kept doing some work on my iPad and listened to some music. I didn't notice the girl that queued in right after me. Yeah, HER.

The moment I ordered my coffee at the register, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned -- Meghan was standing there in front of me, giving me that confident, amused look that I used to find so attractive. Now, she just looked cocky and sarcastic.

"Hey, you," she said with a laugh. "You just cut in front of me. I think you owe me a coffee, just for that!"

(I didn't really cut in front of her, it's just an old inside gag between us, from the days we used to date. It's an inside, don't worry if you don't get it.)

"Do I know you?" I pretended not to recognize her. I was hoping to throw her off-balance a little, but that didn't work. She grabbed my right hand and put it on her left breast.

"How 'bout now?" She flashed me that Cheshire Cat grin that used to make me melt.

"Oh, right, Meghan!" I let out what must have sounded like forced laughter (and quickly pulled my hand away before everybody noticed). "I remember you now!"

The girl at the cash register handed me my coffee, which I paid quickly. I nodded at Meg and turned to make some kind of quick escape, but she grabbed my arm.

"We should talk. I'd really love to talk. Got things I should tell you."

Yeah, I thought. Not interested. You played with my heart, stomped on it, tossed out the remains, and now... Shyeah, RIGHT!


So we're meeting for coffee Thursday morning, 8:00 AM.

Mandy's SO gonna kill me!