I met with Morgan last night. I didn't bang her brains out, which left me with mixed feelings of relief and disappointment. She was dressed very conservatively and standoff-ish. When I came in, she asked me to sit down (pointing at a one-man comfy chair in the living room) and offered me some coffee. Then she got things off her chest. It sort of went like this (I'm going off memory, sorry):

"Okay, what happened the other night can't happen again. I'm sure you know and understand that. It's not that you're not attractive, but we have that age difference, and that's a turn off for me."


"I don't mean it like that. But I don't date office guys. And before you ask WHAT happened last Thursday, let me go on record and say that I KNOW I came on to you, and I can't blame you for what happened. And it was good -- REAL good. I mean, real, weak-in-the-knees-for-an-hour good. But I wasn't myself. I don't normally touch myself like that, or react like that with men. Never THAT strong. But... well... I've had issues of late... So, um... I went... ah... to see this hypnotheraptist..."

There was something strange in the way she was saying it, and I had the impression she was making some of that stuff up.

"Look, it's just hypnosis. I think the therapist may have left some weird commands and triggers in my head, and it's causing all this. All this... um... heat, I think."

Heat. Right. Was it just me, or it was getting hot in there? Sitting there, in front of that gorgeous woman who was talking about being in heat, it was hard not to get a LITTLE aroused. Then we were interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone.

"Sorry," she said. "I have to get that."

She fished out her cell from her jacket's pocket. "Morgan Reiss speaking." She paused, listening. Then: "Yes. Yes, I understand. Yes, I am. Yes, very."

As the conversation progressed, I noticed her expression changing from animated to calm. Then she began blushing and fidgeting a little. Then came the light squirming, which looked pretty sexy to me.

Folks, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening. There had to be at least SOME truth to her hypnosis story, because the person at the other end of the line was literally turning her on before my very eyes. And seeing her being turned on was having a similar effect on me. Big time.

She hung up and looked straight at me. There was a lot more lust in her gaze than rational thought. I got up. I knew what I WANTED to do, but I knew I HAD to get out of there. I had just enough rational thought to know I didn't want to date my boss, so flight was the only option.

So I mumbled some lame excuse, thanked her for the coffee, and raced off the door.

And I thought things couldn't get more awkward...