Yesterday, Meg and I were supposed to get together for an early dinner, but she was called in for an evening photo shoot. There was just one snag: she'd forgotten her camera at my place; got sidetracked and all (we don't need to get into that, do we?). So she called me in and asked if I could bring it to her. I was happy to oblige, of course. I raced back home and looked for the camera.

I couldn't find it. Not at first, anyway. I thought she'd have left it in our... um, *my* bedroom, but it wasn't there. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to track it down, with no luck. Then it dawned on me that it might not be in a normal place, so I looked in an ABNORMAL place: the top shelf of a linen closet. And sure enough, there was the camera.

I just KNEW something was afoot, but Meghan really needed the camera for the job. There was no choice, I brought it to her. And of course, there was just no way I could warn her that something was going to happen. I didn't know WHAT was going to happen, nor could I tell her about faeries and stuff.

So I showed up to the shoot (which was in Old Town), and handed her the camera (after collecting a warm hug and kiss). I then stood aside and watched as she got to work with the various models. It was a mixed shoot: there were men and women, all very handsome and pretty. To be honest, I find that male models tend to look healthier than female models. They are usually buff, well groomed, and very engaging. Female models, however, are another story. They are very skinny, display cattish behavior, and extremely competitive with one another. (Hey, that's just one man's opinion; your mileage may vary.)

Meg didn't lose much time and got started with the shoot. The first girl she started with (Bethani) had gorgeous eyes (the ones above the nose!), white skin and short black hair. On the first click, one of the spaghetti straps of her outfit snapped. She caught the garment right before it exposed her left breast. Seconds later, the side laces of her top came undone and exposed some side boobage. She ran out to change herself.

Then it was Victoria's turn. She was dark skinned, with crimson lips and white French manicured nails. Almost immediately, the same thing happened to her: her skirt button snapped off and the skirt slipped off before she could catch it. Then as she bent to get it back, Meg took another shot;  the back of her tight black top unzipped itself and fell forward. She caught it right before flashing her boobs to everyone, then she too ran off to the changing room.

You've probably figured out by now, as I did then, that this was the work of the camera, which had undoubtedly been cursed by Attitude...

Then it was a guy's turn, but nothing special happened. The shoot went well. Then it was again another girl's turn, but that one I thought looked nice. She had a nice figure, not too skinny (which would make her a Plus Sized model). Nice large breasts, perhaps a bit too confined in a bikini top, and a Hawaiian style skirt that clung very nicely at her hips. I later learned from Meghan that Keanna (that's her name) has body image issues and, as a result, low self-confidence.

I feel bad for what happened to her, I really do! But honest to God, this was the best breast-popping I've seen, EVER! She tried very hard to cover herself up, but her hands weren't big enough to properly hold all of the flesh in, so the result was rather... impressive. She quickly ran away, but not before another snapsnot from Meg's camera caused her skirt to rip and fall down around her knees. She tripped on the fabric and fell face first, boobs crushed against the pavement, butt high in the air. Anyone who was looking got a great shot at all her lady parts, too.

Her humiliation was complete and she was in tears as she was covered up by an assistant and escorted out of view.

Fortunately, the batteries in Meg's camera died out, so she put it away and switched to a backup camera. It wasn't as good, but it got the job done (and certainly, it didn't cause any more "wardrobe malfunctions"...).