For those who might be interested, I've just posted a picture of my friend Jennifer (courtesy of Justin) in the Members Forum (which I've renamed Bloomin' Forums! because I'm so clever!).

Jennifer -- Sample from the Members Forum

Oh, and because I'm too lazy, I haven't YET changed the membership price from $10 a year to $25 a year. If you're quick, you'll get your subscription before I get off my lazy bum and change it (which I'll do this weekend, honest!).

Meanwhile, news about my life: I called Meghan back yesterday. She was a bit distant on the phone, but accepted to meet me for dinner. I figure, if I couldn't make it up to her with a good excuse, perhaps a bribe-dinner would work. So we're meeting tomorrow night.

As for work, well... The relationship with Morgan is great. She's a good boss, smart and fair. The ONLY problem I have, now, is that I keep getting that visual of her masturbating at her desk the other night. Very difficult to focus. More difficult now, too, since she's began coming to work with slightly more revealing outfits (not VERY revealing, still professional, but the sexy-O-meter below my belt has confirmed a slight increase in her sexiness levels).

At home, Attitude is being her usual bitchy self. No big surprise there. She says I'm complaining on a full stomach, and nobody is getting something they don't really want.

Meh. I beg to differ, but this isn't something I can win.