On Saturday morning, after a good night's rest, I got to talk to Minx about the night before. In fact, I didn't have to seek her out, just the reverse. As soon as I entered the kitchen, she was fluttering all around me, cheerful and excited.

"Well? How was your night? Did ANYTHING interesting happen???"

I gave her a suspicious look.

"You know what happened, don't you?"

She tried to shake her head in ignorance, but she's just a terrible liar.

"Come on. 'Fess up. What did you do?"

She giggled. "You're no fun, but you're right. I made that happen."

"So what exactly DID happen?"

"I was there. I made myself really small so I could hide in your jacket, and then, 'cuz I was so close to you, I could read your thoughts really clearly. So I made these girls do what you wanted them to do."

"You did that???"

She mock-wiped her forehead. "Yup. And it was a lot of work, because I had to concentrate a lot, but it was fun."

"You made that girl put her phone between her legs?"

She nodnodnodded. "Down in her panties. And then I made her thighs stay real close together, 'cuz it's more fun that way. She really tried to make it stop, but eventually, she stopped resisting."


"And Jessika and Sasha?"

"Oh, that was easier. That was just a trigger. I made it so she'd get more and more excited the longer and closer she'd be to that other girl."

I was a little shocked. I hadn't realized the potential of Minx being able to read my thoughts. I was more worried about her finding out things I didn't want anyone to know, but in retrospect that was a bit silly. She already knew terrible and embarrassing things about me, so what was a little more going to hurt? But the idea that she'd read my mind and act on my ideas was a novel concept. I certainly should explore that a little bit.

"So... if we were to, say, walk around together and I wanted you to do something to someone, you'd do it?"

She tapped her chin, deep in faerie thought.

"Maybe, if it's fun," she said. "Sexy and fun!"

So that's what happened on Friday night, and that's what I'm now struggling with. I'm debating what I could or should do with this. Any thoughts?


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