As I mentioned earlier, a few weeks ago I won a trip to Cuba. The timing was great because work had been a bit taxing, and I needed a break. And because this was a trip for two, and most of my other friends were too busy with work, Brooke was the only person who could join me for that week of fun and sunshine.

Minx (like most faeries) doesn't like traveling in human vehicles, so she couldn't come. That was unfortunate, but we talked about doing some "fun stuff," and worked out a way to do it even if she wasn't there.

First off, she gave me some faerie dust. That can always come in handy. Also, she enchanted my iPhone camera so that every time I took a photo of someone, it would give that person a little erotic jolt. And since the effect was cumulative, I figured that could lead to amusing situations. But the best was the sunscreen, she said, though she didn't tell me what it did. That was a surprise. She said it'd be best if Brooke didn't use it, but wouldn't tell me any more than that.

And so, equipped with Minx's gifts, we were off to Cayo Coco.