The next day was spent relaxing by the beach. I wore TONS of sunscreen (I'm pretty white). Brooke didn't need quite as much. Even as a man, she was always keeping up a basic tan to look good. As a chick, she would go to the tanning salon at least twice a week. For the most part, we did nothing. I needed to rest from work, and she just enjoyed basking in the sun like a lizard.

So my main activity that day was to go back and forth between my recliner chair and the beach's mini-bar. At one point in the afternoon, while waiting for some drinks (two mudslides), this blonde chick came over to order something. She had a pretty slim body, a lovely face, but not much of a rack. Actually, she was rather nice looking, until she started showing signs of impatience at the bartender's pace. She turned to me, side-nodding in the bartender's direction.

"Did you order those yesterday? Service is SO slow here..."

I shrugged.

"I'm not in a rush. But if you want," I offered with a helpful smile, "you can have my drinks and I'll order some more."

"Wow! You're a dear! My girlfriend and I are sitting over there. Bring us the drinks and you can join us, if you want."

Huh. I hadn't offered to bring her the drinks, just to let her take mine... But I guess she was one of those entitled people who just assume their looks can let them get away with anything. Not the kind of people I like to interact with. So I waited for the drinks, then sprinkled a bit of faerie dust on them. I took the drinks to the two girls and delivered it as promised.

"Here you go ma'am, ma'am," I said, smiling at each. "Compliments of the house."

I turned to depart when the blonde called out.

"Hey, you're not staying?"

I pointed at Brooke with an over-the-shoulder thumb. "I'm with someone. Just thought I'd be a gentleman. Enjoy the drinks." And with that, I took off.

(If you're not familiar with what I did just there, it's called a "false disqualifier." It's a trick I'd learned from Brooke. It's a way to make yourself attractive by being technically unavailable. Also, I didn't want to get caught in whatever was about to happen. I hadn't put the faerie dust in the drinks for my own benefit, but just to embarrass them and take them down a notch or two...)

After I returned to my chair, I directed Brooke's attention to the two girls. I explained what I'd done, which amused Brooke to no end. So we watched, wondering what was going to happen. After a few minutes, the girls stopped chatting and just lay there, soaking in the sun. I noticed the blonde was repressing gestures to scratch her chest. Her friend (a taller, bustier brunette) was repeatedly squeezing her thighs. And a short while later, the blonde turned to tell her friend something (we couldn't hear from where we were). Both got up and headed into the water.

And when they were far enough, the real fun started. They lowered themselves into the water so that only their heads would show, and started kissing. I have no doubt what their hands and bodies were doing... And they were at it for a good while. Until the brunette let out some kind of shout, which sent her blonde friend into a giggle fit. Brooke and I knew exactly what had happened, and we suspected many other beach-goers had figured it out too.

For the rest of the day, though, Brooke and I were good and didn't inflict any pranks on anyone. The next day, though, was another story. Brooke was in a randy mood and felt like having some sexy fun with these same girls.

And so she did. But we'll get to that next time...