The effects of the special sunscreen (which Brooke & I have since called "slutscreen") weren't to give orgasms, if that's what you thought it did. I discovered that a bit later the next day.

Let me back track a little: after her "hour of fun," Brooke gave me a piece of her mind, but also promised she'd get me back for doing this to her. She's no idiot, so I knew I'd have to be extra careful to avoid getting caught. For starters, I made sure I kept the tube with me at all times, so she wouldn't be able to use it on me.

Except that I hadn't counted on being unable to hold on to it through an orgasm. Right  after I came out of a shower, Brooke (wearing rubber kitchen gloves) was right there, holding my iPhone, and taking a quick series of photos of me.

Instant multiple orgasms took over me. I dropped to the floor and let go of the tube, which she grabbed. She quickly opened it up, squeezed some of its content on my chest, and rubbed it around with a gloved hand (ensuring she wouldn't be affected). She then backed away to watch her handiwork.

I was a little too busy with recovering from my spontaneous climaxes to pay much attention to what was happening to me, but Brooke's look of shock quickly brought me back to reality. I looked down at myself.

Oh crap. I had boobs.

I'd come out of the shower bare chested, wearing only my swimming trunks. Now, I was sporting a pair of modest-sized breasts. With sensitive, excited, upturned nipples. I covered them with my hands, then realized it was a somewhat silly gesture, considering the company I was in.

"Nice work," I told Brooke.

"That's unexpected," she answered. "You're a chick."

"You're very perceptive," I commented.

Brooke looked at me, then at the tube of sunscreen, and poured some more on her gloved hand. "Let's try something..."

She approached me. I was still on the floor and unable to defend myself much. All she had to do was to rub some on my exposed skin, which wasn't hard to do. I tried backing but it was too late. I felt a tingle go through my chest and my crotch, leaving me slightly aroused and panting. When I looked down again, my boobs had grown to a C-cup and my nipples were achingly erect. All I wanted was to play with them (but not in front of Brooke).

"DAMMIT Brooke! Stop it!"

"Oh, THAT's interesting," she murmured.

She applied another dose, and I almost instantly sprouted a pair of impressive D-cups. And my arousal went WAY up. Almost of their own volition, my hands left my boobs and crawled between my thighs.

I looked at Brooke pleadingly. "Dude," I said through clenched teeth. "You've GOT to leave me alone for a bit..."

And fortunately, Brooke understood exactly what I was going through, and left the room, sunscreen in hand.

Boy did I have a field day with myself. I was REALLY aroused, and it took a good hour before I ramped down.

By the end of the hour, though, I was back to my male self.