Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Having a new job in a new city is pretty time consuming.

First, let me tell you about where I live. When I arrived in Montreal, I rented a small place for a month, just while I figured out my real options. Now, I've got a real place of my own on Avenue du Parc, near Sherbrooke (for those who know the area). It's walking distance from downtown Montreal (not far from the underground city) and a short bike ride from work. Awesome location! The place is what they call a 5 1/2, here, which is a 3-bedroom apartment--except that it isn't because the living room and dining room are merged into one very large living area. It's all very open and I have--wait for it...--a FIREPLACE! How awesome is that?!?

So there's that.

And then there's Martine, who's become my girlfriend, for all intents and purposes. My place is not very far from her workplace and she's all but moved in with me. She says it's just more convenient for her than going back to her own apartment, which is outside the island. Sure. I believe that. I think she just enjoys the sex.

And we have a lot of it. Martine gets powerfully aroused by the mildest sexy thought I have, which can be entertaining. Two weeks ago, I went to see her perform at Supersexe. When she went on stage, I remained at my seat and watched her, sipping my beer. Watching her gyrate against that pole, my mind wandered a little. For a moment, I imagined her REALLY giving that pole a good time, then was brought back to reality by a loud moan coming from the stage. Sure enough, Martine had become incredibly turned on. She had pulled her bikini bottom out of the way and was grinding her crotch against the pole like a woman possessed. The trail of lubricant she left on it told the story of how far gone she was. Then she dropped on all four and pushed herself against the pole with back-and-forth motions that suggested she was being taken from behind.

Damn, that was one SLICK pole.

After her danse, she grabbed me and we went into a back area where she made me pay for doing that to her. The pounding I gave her was a harsh lesson indeed. But all kidding aside, we agreed I shouldn't show up to her workplace anymore, it might be too distracting.

Which leads me to last night... I was at home, minding my own business, when I was looking at some photos on my iPhone. I fell upon a particularly sexy picture of Martine wearing nothing but a very tight little black dress. It looked one size too small and her boobs threatened to spill from the top. Look, I'm a guy, so it doesn't take much to get my imagination running, so I imagined I was grabbing her boobs and fondling them. I imagined them being extremely sensitive, which would send jolts of pleasure coursing through her.

My phone rang. It was Martine calling. I picked up. She was on the other end, breathing heavily, barely able to talk.

"Oooh," she started. "Are... are you doing this?"

"D-doing what?"

There was a pause, then a sigh.

"My boobs. They're so... so... aah..."

No way, I thought. She was home, in Laval, probably 10 kilometers from my place, if not more. Could it be that my fantasies affected her from THIS far away? I had to check. I fantasized about her boobs some more, especially about her nipples. I imagined them getting incredibly hard and so sensitive the slightest touch would send her into raging climaxes.

"AAAH!" was the immediate response. "Oh SHIT, Jaycee! I'm... AAAAAH! COMING! COMIIIING!"

So yeah, there's that too.

Turns out I'm able to affect Martine from quite a distance, something that I wasn't able to do before. Attitude and Minx were quick to explain that my hold over her is not surprising or unexpected. Attitude thinks I should have reached this level several weeks ago, but I'm a little slow in general, so she had no great expectations. Minx got into it with her, something she's never done before. Unfortunately for her, Attitude can be quite the bully and my little faerie friend ended up flying away while wiping tears of frustration. It was an hour before I coaxed her out of her private cupboard. She and Attitude eventually made up and all was well.

But now, I'm a little concerned because I have to watch my thoughts about Martine all the time. For all I know, she could be driving her car when my thoughts turn sexy, and that could be dangerous.

As with all faerie powers, there's a downside, it seems.

"I'm doing it."