Hey all,

I haven't been very regular with blog updates since Summer, but there are good reasons for  this. I've been increasing my writing output to see if I could take this thing to the next level. I also wanted to check with Wondollar to see if he could consistently deliver more comics a week. So now, here's the good news:

Starting January 2013, Bloomin' Faeries! is going bi-weekly. No, not once every OTHER week, we mean TWICE a week. That means a strip on Monday, as before, and another one on Thursday.

There's just one caveat: we're going to test this for 3 months. If the strip bleeds too much money, I may revise this in the other direction. If, however, it shows enough financial viability, we may see about further increasing the strip count. (This also depends on how much more work Wondollar can take.)

The members will also gain some additional benefits, but I'm saving that for another post.