Fortunately, the cold nose thing didn't last long. Barely a day or so. Looks like Minx doesn't have the same firepower as Attitude did. But what she lacks in duration, she makes up for in tenacity.

So it looks like she's been messing around with a number of little things, from plants to squirrels to Mandy's nipples. By and large, this isn't a BIG problem. But today, she surprised me a little. She flew up to my face, all buzzing and excited, and said she had to do a good deed. An annual thing for faeries. But since Attitude didn't really cover this with her, she wanted my advice. Not that she CARED, she was quick to add. In fact, she wanted to know so she could do something else.

So I thought about this a little, and figured I could get away with some reverse psychology. I knew this stuff would NEVER work on Attitude, but I think deep down, Minx is a sweetheart and is just trying hard to be a good (bad?) faerie. So I said:

"Then you should NOT give me the power to arouse women, or to give them spontaneous orgasms."

She looked at me quizzically. "Are you sure? Why WOULDN'T you want that? Attitude keeps saying you're a closet horndog..."

Um. Right. So THAT's what Attitude thinks of me? Really?

"Well, she's wrong. In fact, I really want women to leave me alone for a while, so that power would just get in the way, right?"

I crossed my finger, hoping little Minx would fall for my devious trap.

"Oh, I see," she said. "That makes sense. Very well, then. Let me make that happen!"

And with that, she zapped me, giggled, and flew away to her tiny apartment in the cupboard.

Once the tingle of her magic wore off, I went to the living room, where I found Mandy reading a book. I focused on her a little, imagining her getting aroused within seconds. The effect was almost immediate: her nipples popped visibly under her shirt, and she breathed heavily. She closed her eyes, her head lolling back, and dropped her book to the ground. Her hands reached for her crotch, which she began massaging almost involuntarily. I then imagined she'd ramp up to orgasm, and there it was! She let out a loud, ecstatic yelp, and thrashed on the couch. It lasted a good 10-20 seconds (not that I was counting), then she just lay there, spent.

So I figured it was my time to make my move, but as I got closer, she got up, shoving one hand onto my face.

"Oh no, buster, I'm not in the mood to do it with you."

With wobbly legs, she stumbled to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. I followed and knocked a few times, but she just told me to go away.

Behind me, I heard a concerned Minx flutter closer, then land on my shoulder.

"You don't look very pleased. Are you SURE you wanted women to leave you alone?"