Looks like Meghan played with fire a little, and she got a bit burned. Nothing big, but as you'll see, there are things you just shouldn't mess with.

I've already mentioned some of the effects of faeweave and the fact that our shop sell items made of that very fabric. I sometimes keep some samples at home. Mostly, those are sent to me for quality control purposes. I usually throw them out, but not this time. In particular, there was this unmarked white thong, which was left half-hidden under a pile of miscellaneous junk on my desk, pretty out of view. Meghan found it on Sunday morning, while I was still sleeping, and left with it. Her plan was to wear it next time we'd meet, and give me a hard time while mock-grilling me about its origins.

This morning, she decided on a whim that they looked pretty comfy, and would go well with these wicked tight black leather pants she hadn't worn in a while. So, without giving it more thought, she slipped on the thongs, then squeezed herself into the pants, and went to work for a photo shoot (had a job in The Docks).

You, dear readers, KNOW where this is headed, right?

As it were, the thong was very pleasant to wear, but tended to ride up a little bit and bunch up on the front in a way that made her walk a little crooked. By noon, she was constantly looking for hiding spots to plunge her hands into her pants and rearrange her underwear (which always returned to its initial position within minutes). By the end of the afternoon, she was breathing heavily and had to come up with excuses of feeling a bit feverish. To make matters worse, the shoot was running late and they asked her to stay longer -- up to 10:00 PM.

I just got off the phone with her. She says she can't think straight, right now, and she's on her way to make me pay for "my crimes against feminity."

Guilty, your Honor.

I just hope the punishment fits the crime. 🙂


P.S.: now that you know what are the potential repercussions of faeweave, perhaps this is a good time to suggest you pay our Store a visit, and leave some underwear lying around next time some chick comes over.