When I came home last night, there was a message from Morgan on the phone. It's the first I heard from her since the Lana incident, and I could probably have waited a few more months (years?) before hearing back from her again.

And of course, as I'm sure you have come to expect where Morgan is concerned, it was a sexually charged message. I'm not comfortable reproducing the exact text and details here, but from the sounds around her, the heavy grunting in the background, and the way her voice broke in rhythm, it was clear to me she was in the middle of sex.

And calling out my name. And saying she was sorry, and that she missed me, and a full array of statements of intents, of things she'd like to do to me, and would like me to do to her.

The message was cut short because I think she was using a cell phone and dropped it on the floor.

I really wouldn't want to be the guy she's with...