Since yesterday was the day of the year where I HAVE to be good, I decided to lift all curses I've put on Mandy over the last few years. There were more than a few:

  • Bigger breasts and, in general, a killer body
  • Sex parts that gets aroused at the first hint of flirting
  • The inability to sleep with the same man twice in a row
  • "Magnetic" boobs (attracted to other big boobs)
  • "Amen" keyword that causes orgasms

She's earned all of these things through repeated bad behavior, but I think, now, she's learned quite a bit about herself. I'm curious to see how she'll behave if she goes back to being a "clean slate," so to speak. Will she confess to these things she did, or will she keep up the lies?

Time will tell. Stay tuned...