Earlier this week, after someone sent me a link to a video clip of the movie Orgazmo, I remembered this was one of the "mystery DVDs" I received a few months back. I'd stored those away from view to avoid misuse, but upon seeing the clip (and after Minx's little gift on Sunday/Monday), I thought it might be an opportunity to have some fun.

For those who haven't seen the movie, it's about this Mormon guy who stars in bad porn movies, but then gets equipped with a techno arm attachment that shoots orgasmic rays. One shot sends you to the moon. Multiple shots? Well, you see stars.

So my plan was this: when the Mormon guy would use the ray gun, I'd shape my right hand into an imaginary gun, and hope the magic of the DVD would turn it into a ray gun. And guess what? It WORKED! The moment the first scene with the gun was over, I turned to Mandy and "shot" her with an invisible orgasm beam. She immediately ramped up to a huge climax, moaning "Not again!" Then she turned to me, clearly aware that it was my doing, and "shot" back at me in the same manner.

Yeah, you KNOW what happened, don't make me spell it out. And it's okay, I'm not complaining. We both spent the next half-hour playing hide-and-seek in my apartment, ambushing and shooting each other. And when THAT got old, we took it outside, in a nearby park, and kept it up for another few hours.

And what do you know -- there were more than a few innocent bystanders who took the occasional "bullet."

War is hell, man.