I've spoken about this a little while back, and now it's finally happening. There's now a long-form (i.e. story-driven) comic starting in the Members Area. Instead of being the usual "gag of the day" formula on the main page, this is an ongoing story that runs parallel to the main strip. Drawn, inked and colored by Cabrera/Navarro (the super talented team behind PortalComic, who have produced some of the most incredible breast expansion comics from BEStoryClub.com), this will feature the adventures of a faerie whisperer who lost control of her faerie. With the roles now reversed, what mischief awaits her?

Here's a sample of the first page:

LiFangFei 01T_Sample

Hope you stick around to read more of it. But if you don't want to become a member, that's okay too--those pages will be available for download the following month after they're released.