I got home from work yesterday, only to find Minx in an odd mood. She was staring at Cleopatra in her vivarium, making faces at her.

"You shouldn't twist your face that way," I commented. "It could get stuck like that for the rest of your life."

"Well, tell HER that!" Minx said. "She's making faces at me TOO!"

"She's a spider, Minx."


Right. That wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to switch topics.

"Are we still going out tonight?"

"Ah... I'm not, but you are. I can't make it, something came up."

"Well, I thought the point was for us to go together, no?"

"You just... um, go, okay? I really want you to go."

Faeries. You can never quite guess what they're up to. Clearly she was plotting something, but I could tell (somehow) that it wasn't harmful to me. I think there is some connection growing between us and I can sometimes feel her intent. This was gleeful and mischievous, and totally devoid of malice. Kind of how someone feels when they're throwing a surprise party for someone.

"Okay, I'll go. Just going to grab a bite, take a shower, and I'm out of your wings. Okay?"

Minx nodded repeatedly, smiling and her hands behind her back. She was thrilled that I was playing along.

So I got ready, put on a nice shirt and my fancy jacket, and left. Minx hadn't given me any specific instructions, just to go out, so I decided to start with a movie, then I'd call a few friends and go for drinks. Maybe Barrett, hadn't seen HIM in a while.

I got to the movie theater a bit before the movie started, so I got my ticket and went in a cafe to read some movie news magazine. At the table next to me, a brunette in a tight red tube dress was sitting with her boyfriend, a black guy with short dreads, a good physique and plenty of golden jewelry. They were the typical vanity couple: good looking, shallow, prone to playing mind-games. I meant to ignore them, but they were having this stupid argument about him always being late, and her voice grated on me. Plus, she had an amazing butt, and it looked like her boobs were just about to explode out of her top, so I shot her side-glances.

Until he noticed. Then he leaned around her and pointed at me.

"Mind your business, punk," he said, with a voice and attitude that reminded me of Mr. T. "My bitch and I are having a conversation and you ain't invited."

"You can't talk to me like that!" she hissed.

The argument got a bit more heated and they ignored me. I couldn't concentrate so I got up and left.

Around 30 minutes later, I was in the theater and sitting down in my usual spot, 9th row from the front, and in the center. Had my popcorn, my soft drink, and I was ready for the movie. And as luck would have it, I had spare seats next to me, one on each side. And just as the previews start rolling in, who shows up? The couple from the cafe. What row do they take? The 9th. Where do they go? Center. And since there's not enough room for them, they ask me to move one seat left to make space for them.

Fair enough, I don't own the theater, so they're entitled to their seat. I move to the left and let them sit beside me. At least SHE's sitting next to me, not him. She's sexy, so that's a partial win.

The movie starts, but the girl keeps pulling out her phone to send text messages to someone. The light was distracting and I found myself wishing she'd just put the damn thing away and let me watch my movie. Eventually, it looks like she must have gotten the message, because she stopped doing it. I could still hear the phone buzz (someone must have REALLY wanted to get in touch with her, because it just wouldn't stop buzzing), but she left it wherever it was. It was distracting, and after a while, I just had to glare at her a bit. She noticed, but instead of giving me attitude, she kind of looked embarrassed. Her eyes darted down at her thighs before looking away. I realized there was some kind of strange feeling coming from her. It suddenly clicked in my head: she was a little horny. I gave her a long look and noticed her legs were shut tight. She also seemed to tremble just a tiny bit every time the phone buzzed.

No WAY!!!

But yes, yes way! That had to be it. She'd stuffed the phone between her thighs, maybe even down her panties, and now it was giving her one HELL of a private massage! She glanced and me, and I KNEW I was right. And better yet, she KNEW I knew it. I half-turned in my seat and munched some popcorn, smiling at her like SHE was now the main feature. She opened her mouth, like she wanted to say something, but another phone buzz interrupted her. I wondered if this was one of those phones where the buzzer was getting more intense over time. She certainly looked like she was getting more... excited. She turned her back to me and lifted the arm separating her seat from her boyfriend's. She snuggled close to him, still trembling as the buzzer kept giving her increasingly impressive thrills. She wasn't just a little excited anymore -- she was in heat!

This went on for a good bit, and honestly, it was WAY more interesting to look at her than at the movie. She just needed sex so badly I thought she was going to rip off her dress and sexually assault her boyfriend right there and then. She kept whispering things in his ear, and after a bit, I could see it was getting to him. He couldn't see I was watching, but I noticed his hand slipping between her legs, then come out with a buzzing phone. He whispered something like "Damn, girl!" followed by some kissing sounds. It only took another minute, then they both got up and left. She seemed to have a severe case of weak knees...

Honestly, the rest of the movie was kinda dull compared to these two.


I got together for drinks with Barrett, who was at our regular watering hole with two of his work buddies, Steve and Alex. I joined them around 11PM, so they'd already begun gaming the crowd a little bit. They were standing around a bunch of high table, along with two guys and four girls. When I joined them, this one girl (Jessika, with a "k") looked bored and left out, so I introduced myself. She had pale skin, black hair, small round glasses, and more personality than looks. It wasn't long before I discovered she had a wicked sense of humor. Also, she wasn't into guys. She'd joined the other girls, not so much because they insisted she come (convinced that finding the right guy would "convert" her back to being straight), but because she wanted to study the mating habits of the heterosexuals. "You guys are a weird, inhibited bunch."

But my sight was telling me another story. There was this ONE girl in the group, a slim blonde with incredible legs, to whom Jessika was very attracted. I could also tell that this blonde was really into Barrett, who was running a great pick-up routine on her. Poor Jessika didn't have a chance.

"All these girls your friends?" I asked.

"Yeah." She pointed at the blonde. "That's Sasha. We go way back, like grade school way back."


"You could say that."

I was getting curious. I didn't really know many lesbians (Brooke doesn't count!), so I've always been a bit curious. There was something sincere and honest about Jessika that just prompted me to ask.

"You guys ever... experiment?"

"Sasha and I? Yeah... I made a move on her once, in high school, after cheerleader practice..."

I lifted a hand to interrupt.

"Wait, what? You were a cheerleader?"

She nodded.

"Damn!" I continued. "If you weren't a lesbian, I'd find you really hot, right now."

"ANNNNNyway... Sash and I had had a good practice, we were getting changed, and I don't know, man, I just made a move. She didn't resist, so it got a bit hotter, and one thing led to another."

Wow. I could easily picture the scene... I looked over at Sasha, though, and the way she looked at Barrett clearly said she wasn't a lesbian. I could guess the rest of the story.

"Next day," I said, "it got really awkward. I'm betting you didn't talk about it for a while, and eventually had that talk where you agree it was a one-time thing, and you didn't want it to ruin your friendship."

Jessika nodded. "It's like you were there to hear it."

I sipped my drink, feeling a little sad for Jessika. She was a pretty cool chick, with a great personality, and I was pretty sure it was tough for her to watch Sasha flirting with guys. It would've been great if Sasha had felt the same way about her, but some things just aren't meant to be. Ah well.

I excused myself and left the group to go to the bathroom. When I returned, the dynamics in the group had changed a little. I noticed that Sasha had left Barrett's side (who had moved on to other targets anyway) and had left for another table with Jessika. There was an odd change in Sasha, whose interest in Jessika had inexplicably changed. I observed them for a while, and it was clear that they were both getting revved up. I don't know what Jessika did, but Sasha was getting really excited around her now. It wasn't long before the two exited discreetly without telling anyone.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. In one night, two attractive women in my vicinity display odd sexual behaviour. That's got faerie written all over it.

I left soon after that, intent on having a conversation with Minx about the whole thing...


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