To all those who have tried subscribing in the past (all two of you???), I must offer my most abject apologies.

To be frank (as in, the quality, not as in "Officer Frank"), I'm a bit new at this whole webmastering thing. You'd think that with working in an office that does this for a living, I'd be better at it, right? But the fact is, I'm not doing this with the full knowledge of my colleagues, so I can't really ask for help on the technical side. So in the end, I'm left fending for myself, and setting some things up sometimes isn't quite as easy as some folks make it sound like in their plugin description. "Three clicks and you're done," they say.

Yeah. At the rate of one relevant click every three days or so.

The good news is that I've finally got it working and successfully ran a test myself (something I wasn't quite able to do in the past). I also have to congratulate Jack K. for being the first one to register. I'm saying this publicly because his faeries ("the girls," as he calls them) were all cheering at the thought of "being #1" and (at last) returned his wallet (which, at that point, was no longer of any value). I figure, since it's my fault there were technical difficulties in his subscription, I should tell everyone in public (especially his "roomies") that he's NOT to blame, and that they shouldn't take it out on HIM.

(Note, little ladies, that this is no invitation to take it out on me either. Why don't you go pester the folks at paypal or s2Member instead?)

And on this note, it's time for me to catch some Z's.

(Oh, and yeah, I got together with my new chick-friend yesterday. We did the coffee thing, then a walk on the mountain, and a whole lotta stuff. Her name's Meghan, and she's REALLY sharp. We got into some trouble, too, but that's a story for later.)