Hi everyone,

If you've been following the Paypal Saga that I've tried to resolve for the last 3+ weeks now, you'll be glad to hear there are SOME good news. For those of you who wanted to become subscribers, you can now do so. I've opened and setup a new Paypal account, and I'm now able to accept new members to the site.

For the old-timers, however, the news are not as good. You will STILL have access to the members area until your membership runs out, then your account will expire automatically. You will need to manually re-subscribe if you wish to do so (it will be done using the new Paypal account).

I am also considering accepting credit cards (through ccBill), but that's a more substantial investment. If you are among the people who DON'T have a Paypal account and would subscribe if there was that option, please leave a comment below so I have an idea how many people would potentially do it.

Again, I can't apologize enough for this whole mess. I should've known better than to check my account from Cuba... 🙁