A number of readers have suggested I look into Patreon. After looking at it, I didn't see the value it was bringing to the table. I already have a members area, I wasn't sure there was much of a point in creating an additional, parallel system. It felt redundant to me.

Then I realized Patreon supports something I don't: CREDIT CARDS!

That's all it took to convert me. So if you were thinking of supporting Bloomin' Faeries! but weren't doing it because you don't have/don't want a Paypal account, here's the perfect opportunity for you! You don't get the same kind of rewards, but I'm hoping you'll help us out anyway. We accept anything, starting as low as $1/month (which buys you lots of my love) and going as high as $25/month (limited slots, allowing you once a month to request that a character of your choice be featured in a strip--PLUS it gives you a membership to the members area).

So please follow this link and throw some dollars at me.




(I feel like a cheap stripper, now...)

"I'm doing it."