I kicked Mandy out after that last incident. I just couldn't look at her.

After that, it was just Minx and I. And for reasons I didn't quite understand at the time, Minx was relatively discreet for a few weeks. She'd be gone for many days at a  time and wouldn't tell me where she'd been when she returned. I knew better than to press the issue.

I've spent most of January and February in a pretty somber mood. Minx has tried inflicting a few curses on me, but I've been so morose I think it took all the fun out of it for her.

Brooke came to visit a few times, but pretty soon I made it clear I didn't want to see her, not so long as she looked like "my" Mandy. The old, nice Mandy.

So it's been pretty quiet at my place, lately. I'm thinking of getting a pet. But not a dog or a cat, that's too much maintenance. Maybe something exotic, I dunno.


I'm lonely.


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