After the haircut incident, Minx explained to me that my powers (such as the yare) are growing, and it looks like I can unconsciously affect people around me.

And when someone tells you you can change people's gender, what do you do? You try it on someone, of course.

So I tried it on myself. I willed myself to become female. Which didn't work. That didn't surprise Minx, who thought I was silly. "Faerie magic doesn't work on you. Well, not very much anyway. And you're so new at this, it's not surprising you can't get it to work."

So the next step in my "diabolical" gender-change plan was to try on someone else. Now I can hear some of you having ethical problems with this, but let me update you on Angelo: he's fine, back to himself. I passed in front of the barber shop on Tuesday and he casually waved at me, with no hint in his eyes that he remembered anything (which, frankly, was a relief).

So on my way to work, I tried gender-bending someone on my way to the office, some guy who was walking on the sidewalk next to me. Nothing. Tried on another passing female, with the same disappointing results. I figured maybe it was something about Angelo that made him susceptible to my ability, but didn't want to chance it again with him. I gave Martine a call and asked her to drop by my place. She did and I explained to her what I wanted to do. She thought it was really hot and became very excited at the thought.

--Wait, have I told you that Martine knows about me, the faeries, everything? I don't remember if I've written about this before and, frankly, I'm too lazy to go back and re-check my posts. But if I haven't told you, well, now you know that she knows. And if I've told you before, well, it doesn't hurt to remind you in case YOU forgot, right?

So I had Martine sit next to me on the couch, held her hands, and looked her in the eyes. After long moments, without any sparks and sizzle, I was sitting next to a guy. I just blinked and there he was, holding my hands, gazing at me like a lovestruck fool.

Minx fluttered to my shoulder and looked at my handiwork with appreciation. "Well done," she said.

"I know, right?" I felt a sense of pride at having achieved this. My theory was right!

"Um... There's just... ah... a tiny weenie problem, Jaycee." Minx's voice was timid and embarrassed.

"What? What's wrong?" I offered my hand; she fluttered forward and stood on it.

"You didn't do it." She just stood there, wringing her hands, shuffling her feet and avoiding my eyes.

"What do you mean? I did it. You didn't do it, so it's gotta be me, righ--"

I stopped talking, realizing what had happened. I looked around.

Sure enough, sitting pretty on a lampshade next to us, Attitude was peering maliciously at me over her sunglasses.

Aw shoot.

"I'm doing it."