I went to a dance club last night. It had been a while, but I felt like losing myself in the crowd.

Also, I wanted to test a little theory.

You see, I'd been thinking about this whole faerie sight thing, and I was wondering if there was a way to make this work for me. As Minx described it, it just lets me perceive arousal levels, not affect them. But that doesn't mean I can't do things the old-fashioned way. I've been friends with Brooke for a very long time, and you don't orbit around a guy like that without picking up a few tricks about... picking up.

So I started with the basics. I entered the place like I owned it, casually nodding at total strangers like I was welcoming them to the club. That was classic Brooke. I then located a three-set of girls that looked particularly ready to "party," if you catch my drift. They weren't hugely excited, but they were ready for action, like a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. They were a little tipsy and probably a little loose. I got myself a drink at the bar, acting like I knew the bartender, then without hesitation made a beeline toward the three-set. I identified my mark in the group, ignored her completely and turned my attention to her BFF. I then channeled my inner Brooke, and started playing a game on them.

The fun part was watching their outward reactions and matching that to their actual arousal levels. They couldn't hide it from me, not with my faerie sight, no matter how distant they would try to look. Being able to pick up on what worked and what didn't was a big boost to my confidence. The girl I'd selected wasn't very interested in me in the first place (she read a "2" when we started talking), but when I excused myself to "get back to my friends" (false disqualifier), she was a little more engaged (like, a "4"). I'd say that was an improvement over my usual performance. But the big boost was that I could automatically tell whether it worked or not.

And I moved to another set, this time two girls and a guy. From the way their energy changed when they interacted, I determined the guy and one of the girl were dating; the other girl was a third wheel, so I started interacting with her, and with the guy (but not his girlfriend). I realized that this faerie sight ability was coming in pretty handy to navigate interactions and avoid stepping on an alpha male's toes. After a good half-hour of proper flirting, I got the girl's phone number, and bowed out, promising to give her a call shortly.

And yet again, I went to another set, and another, and then another. I can't say I was a master pickup artist by the end of the evening, but at least I had a better sense of what turns girls off the most, and I can now avoid that.

So far, this "reward" is pretty neat. I'm wondering what's next...


Next update: Sunday