Finally! After all this time searching, questioning, and interpreting context, I have success;

I finally have the chance to use the phrase "I have good news, and I have bad news."

And readers...I do indeed have good news, and I do indeed have bad news.

The good news is that a somewhat gruff - but dutiful - security camera alerted me to some footage that was uploaded onto its company's cloud server. Gosh, what usefully non-secure technology. Thanks to it I can finally say I have positively IDed Morgan Reiss! The video reveals it was indeed she who turned down that alley, dressed in an overcoat, blouse, skirt, and heels...and some surprisingly frilly underwear.

Review of previous footage reveals that she takes that alley quite a lot as a shortcut. She was about halfway down the length of the passage when the hobo turned down it as well and flashed his camera, causing Morgan Reiss' coat to fall from her shoulders. It is at this point that she whipped around and was clearly about to scream when she stopped.

The hobo had said something to her.

Oh, do I wish I could read lips!

The scene got quite lurid from there. The homeless man continued to speak to Morgan Reiss, and as he did so he continued to take pictures. First the blouse unbuttoned itself, opening to reveal her bra. The fabric slipped off her shoulders and down her limps arms and joined the coat on the street. Another flash and the clasp of her skirt was undone, and the fabric unceremoniously crumpled around her ankles.

I don't think I have seen anyone blush in black and white before. Unlike the video from ATM this was in high resolution, and I was able to zoom in to better examine what was happening. Morgan Reiss' body completely flushed and her breathing became ragged as the hobo talked. I could see her bring a hand up and push it under her bra. As soon as her fingers slipped under the cup her face - flashing looks of distress until now - suddenly broke into the visage of a lover in tender embrace. As she continued to massage her one breast the bra was pushed up slightly and the succulent nipple of the unattended twin poked into view.

Succulent? Where am I getting these adjectives?

Anyway, at first I believed she was only going through the motions from some sort of sick threat, but as I scanned down her torso I could see a moist spot forming on her panties - her body was legitimately responding to what was going on. And soon her remaining hand slipped under the frills of her scant underwear and began to administer to her wet slit.

The hobo had stopped talking and was simply watching. As Morgan Reiss continued her activity, her legs started to buckle and soon she had gently dropped herself backwards. She landed on her butt atop the flattened jacket and immediately spread her thighs, the hand nestled between them pushing the panties further from her wet recess. And there that she sat, twiddling herself with wanton disregard for her location as her form squirmed and her ass ground into the jacket. The gray of her contracting muscles contrasted wonderfully against the flat black behind her. I could tell even in the grayscale that her skin was flushing more and soon her entire body stretched back, racked by what was clearly an orgasm. Her heels dug into the asphalt as she threw her head up and opened her mouth wide. It was evident by the reaction of the dirty villain that the sexual scream of release had been loud, and he quickly started saying something to her.

With almost no time to sit and enjoy an afterglow Morgan Reiss suddenly sat full upright, pulling on her clothes with almost machine-like precision and speed. Although the coat was still on the ground and the blouse was not yet entirely buttoned the hobo wasted no time and quickly grabbed her by the arm, with no objection. He and Morgan Reiss made their way down the alleyway and turned out of the security camera's point of view, and I have no idea yet where they've gone.

Oh, and that was the bad news. Was I suppose to identify that first? I'm new to the process.

I will keep you updated as I continue my investigation.