Hey all,

Sorry I've been silent. We have a pre-Christmas rush at the office, so I've been staying at work later than usual. Not much time left for updates. But this morning, it's a bit slower, so here's what's been happening to the people in my life (and myself).

  • Mandy hasn't moved back in, and probably won't. We talked about it, and she's worried that too much faerie influence in her life might cause her to relapse to her older self. She said it came VERY close, during the Trigger Incidents, and she doesn't want to go back down that road. She's still living at Antony's and is looking for a new place of her own.
  • Brooke and Roseanne are officially over. Now it's all about Brooke and Meghan.
  • Jennifer has a new boyfriend. Which isn't surprising. Ever since she "busted out" (a nice way to say she got implants), she's been going through guys like mad. They're usually hot hunks, with toasters for brains. She's also going for a more feminine look -- I saw her wearing a dress, the other day, and it was really weird for me. She's not a tomboy-ish little sister anymore, more like a hot sexpot. My brain can't quite cope with that yet.
  • I received a postcard from Zuri. She's coming to town during the holidays. BAD NEWS! I'm going on holidays myself right after Christmas (Mexico, BABY!), so there's a chance we'll miss each other.
  • Morgan never reappeared. I don't know where she came from, or where she went after she visited me, "that" time. Probably just as well. I've confessed the entire incident to Mandy, though, who was upset by the whole thing. She understood it was the usual faerie mischief, though, so she's not holding a grudge.

That's about all the news. Oh, and Minx has been very quiet. She's been looking a bit nervous, these days, but she says it's nothing. I hope that's not the calm before the storm...