Theres a bit of bad news for you non-members. I've always tried to keep Bloomin' Faeries! clean. Despite the strip being NSFW, I've rejected (as much as I could) ads that contained full nudity because it didn't fit with the image and branding of the site.

That choice, however, came at a price, namely with a huge limitation on the potential ads that could be displayed. With fewer advertisers interested, ad prices tend to go down, which in turn reduces ad revenues. This wasn't so bad while membership was up, but after the Paypal fiasco, we lost 20% of the members. So now, we're  hemorraging money.

Come end of July, if the situation hasn't improved, I plan on opening the advertisement to... "cruder" types of ads. Members (who don't see the ads) will be unaffected, but the rest of you might be exposed to some tasteless stuff. I apologize for this in advance and promise you to remove those ads as soon as possible.

Best regards,