So now, Brooke knows about faeries. She took it pretty well, in fact. I guess when you go from warlock to talking about faeries, there's not much of a step left to take. So I introduced her to Minx, who was a little shy at first. Then, when I explained Minx was the one responsible for the handshake orgasm, she started beaming. "That was me!" she exclaimed with pride. She also looked at Brooke with curiosity. "You're very pretty. With boobs like that, I bet you have sex all the time, right?"

Brooke grinned. "Oh, you know it!"

Minx looked at her, then me, then back at her. "Didja ever do it with Jaycee here?"

"NEVER MIND THAT," I interrupted. "Minx, Brooke and I have stuff to talk about, so if you don't mind..."

Minx shrugged. "I don't mind talk. I'll just be here, listening."

Guess there's no ridding oneself of these pests... So I turned to Brooke and motioned for her to follow me to the living room (with Minx in tow, obviously).

"'Kay, Brooke, there's something else we need to talk about. I mean, about Meghan."

She lifted a hand to interrupt me. "Dude, that's water under the bridge, no?"

"To me, yes. But not for you, right?"

She fell silent. Then, after several moments: "Okay. So you know."

"I know."

So we talked about it. Brooke admitted that she was developing feelings for Meg, that her thing with Roseanne wasn't going anywhere (Roseanne just isn't the commitment type), and she was hesitant to tell me about the whole thing because of all the past history. I told her it wasn't a problem, so long as it was a SERIOUS thing between them to. And Brooke said that it was. She had this... connection with Meghan that she couldn't quite explain. Some deep and visceral. And it's something that Meghan was feeling too, and something she couldn't resist. Brooke didn't get into the details, but it sounds like Meghan's sex drive around her was nuts.

Minx snapped her fingers, interrupting us. "Oh, that's the ONE!" she exclaimed.


"Now I remember! Attitude told me about that girl!" She floated near Brooke's face. "She's the one who feels what the girl feels!"

Brooke and I both looked a little lost. Minx continued.

"It's what Attitude said. She did something to that Meghan girl. Every time Brooke -- that's you, right? -- had sex with a girl, Meghan would feel what that girl felt. And of COURSE, if you, Brooke, have sex with Meghan, then Meghan feels TWICE the pleasure."

Now it all made sense! The hot flashes Meghan had mentioned having (and which I witnessed once!) made a lot more sense now. I kind of felt a bit of pity for her, but mostly, I thought it was well deserved, in a karmic sort of way.

As for Brooke's relationship with her now, well... good for them both. I'm not going to go on a double date with them, but if she's the right girl for Brooke, I guess I can wish them both luck.