After she guided my hands to her boobs, I kind of lost control of what I was doing. But there was good news, because Mandy was right there in front of me, pushing herself against me. I pivoted both of us, and it was her turn to be against the wall. i stared into her eyes, then realized there was nothing I wanted more, right at that moment, than to make animal love to her. So without ceremony, I grabbed fistful of fabric and yanked down, shredding her very flimsy top in the process.

Mandy didn't seem to mind. I saw in her eyes the same animal lust I was feeling. I pushed my crotch hard against hers, and she growled like a lioness in heat. She gave me a fierce kiss and I kissed her back.

Honestly, I don't remember the details too clearly, except that we were both out of control, and that made things very hot.

But then, it got a little too hot, and something started boiling in my groin, like a volcano about to erupt. And seconds later, erupt it did! Mandy looked at me with panic in her eyes.

"No! No, not yet! PLEASE!!!"

But I wasn't hearing anything. My knees got too weak and I dropped to the floor, my hands in my pants, trying to get a hold of... well, myself. But I was out of control and my orgasms were coming in rapid succession. I remember Mandy looking down at me, looking distressed.

And then I just passed out.

When I woke up, I was alone in my apartment. The clock read 9:25 PM.

Minx was floating nearby, sitting cross-legged, her eyes fixed on me. She was smiling.

[To be continued]