Morgan is parading around the office today, wearing a thick sweater and a long skirt. That's fine for everybody else, but *I* can see she's not wearing any panties or any bra. I can also tell she's getting aroused whenever she catches me glancing at her. She's been giving me these predatory looks that just mean I'm in trouble or something.

I'm having lunch with Lana today. I've mentioned my boss to her in passing before, but I was never specific about her looks, nor about her advances around me. Lana's been totally open and honest with me, I think it's only fair I tell her about Morgan. I just hope that with all the girls in my entourage (Brooke's still rooming at my place, Mandy's visiting from time to time, and Jennifer's been inviting me to game nights at her place), it won't be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

ADDENDUM: Morgan just left my desk moments ago. She was leaning forward, both hands on the desk, her heavy boobs dangling freely inside her sweater. Damn, she's hot. And in heat, too. It's as if she senses I'm getting excited about her, and her body is responding to that. Could it be that Attitude connected her arousal with mine? Damn, that would be a shitty thing to do! I LIKE Lana, dammit! I don't need this!