I asked Minx to join me at the gym today. It may be that women don't really feel sexy when they exercise, but I wondered if I could change that a little, with my faerie friend's help.

And since it's a public place, I figured it would keep any perverse urge I might have in check. The intent wasn't to sleep with anyone, but just to see if I could make something funny and sexy happen. Minx was very enthusiastic at the idea, so it wasn't much of a hard sell.

I started with some elliptical training for cardio. After the treadmill fiasco on Tuesday, I thought I should go for something a little more... low-impact. I was actually doing okay. Then this chick climbed on the machine next to me and broke my concentration. We're talking H-O-T, here. Early twenties, pink spandex top, amazing six-pack abs, and a round butt whose details were clearly outlined by the tight leggings she was wearing. Her auburn hair was tied in a convenient ponytail. She was carrying an iPhone and wearing ear-plug headphones that clearly expressed that she was in her little bubble and didn't want to be disturbed.

I smiled to myself. I didn't want her to be affected directly. Instead, I wondered if giving her a wedgie would lead to some arousal. (I know, you girls won't get this, but us guys kinda find wedgies and cameltoes a bit sexy.) So I thought to myself, "Minx, could you make it so that the longer she trains on the elliptical, the more her underwear give her a wedgie?"

There was, of course, no response, so I waited. I focused on my own exercise and my breathing, but I would occasionally shoot sideways glances at the girl next to me. After a few minutes, I could tell she was twisting her legs and hips a little, trying to move so that her underwear would rearrange itself without her having to reach down and do it manually. Naturally, that didn't work. I glanced at her. Nope, no arousal. I was a bit disappointed, but I figured there was still time. So I waited some more.

Around the ten-minute mark, her discomfort was pretty obvious (at least to me, since I knew what to look for). It was clear to her that this wardrobe malfunction wasn't going to fix itself, so she quickly slid a discreet hand between her legs to unwedge her panties from their snug location. She looked around to make sure no one had seen anything. Me, I was busy fiddling with my iPhone's music player, so I don't think she noticed that I had seen everything. I wasn't sure if her arousal level had changed. Maybe just a little. I mean, if your underwear were wedged like that and rubbed against some sensitive parts, maybe it's a bit of a normal reaction.

I waited some more.

Another five minutes, and she was struggling with the same problem again. Her breathing was a bit harder and she was sweating a little, but that's normal when you're training cardio. What was different, though, was that she was definitely getting turned on by what was happening. In fact, she didn't seem to be trying to prevent it, on the contrary. Now that she was a bit more excited, it looked (to me) like she was trying to squeeze her thighs a bit more to get the most of it.

At the end of my twenty minutes, I stepped off my machine and wiped my face off, drank some water, fiddled around with my iPhone, etc. I pretended to look busy while discreetly observing her from behind. Her butt cheeks were contracting on and off, and she seemed to be struck by the occasional shiver. And yes, her level of arousal was getting pretty high.

So mission accomplished! Well done Minx, that was kinda fun to watch. 🙂

(And if anyone has ideas of harmless sexy things Minx & I could do at the gym, I'm open to suggestions. 🙂 )


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