I brought Minx with me to the gym again yesterday. I had an idea that I wanted to try. I explained it to Minx, and she thought it was great. She clapped her hands and just couldn't wait to try it.

It involves spinning. Honestly, I think it's a very sexy sport. If you're not familiar with it, it's a bunch of people on stationary bikes following the instructions of some crazy trainer who's pushing them to their limit. I've looked at these people a few times, and the chicks are pretty hot. They often wear very sexy and form-fitting leggings, which I have a weak spot for. Because there's a lot of screaming and loud music, they do this in a closed room (with glass walls so we can see inside).

So after my morning training, I went to stand next to the spinning room and watched them start their routine. Minx already knew what to do, so I just sat back and waited for the magic to happen.

What's that, you ask? Minx's task was to "grow" little vibrating bumps on every seat. For the women's bikes, the bump was closer to the front; for the men, it was closer to the back.

I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities, and the consequences.

To make things more interesting, the faster one pedaled, the more intense the vibration would be. I was wondering what people's reactions would be -- would they complain about it? Would they try to switch seats? Would they just walk out of the class?

Only a few did. For the most part, people just pedaled and followed the instructor's directives. It was great watching some of these girls lean forward and REALLY grind their crotch against the seat. I noticed a lot of gaping mouths, sweaty foreheads, and more than a few tight and erect nipples through the tank tops. (Some of the girls tried wearing their towels around their neck in an attempt to hide their arousal, but I wasn't fooled, not one bit.)

It was also pretty interesting to see many of the guys just... sit back and keep pedaling, their towel laid conveniently over their lap to (no doubt) hide their erection.

I gotta admit, I'm having some fun with these things. It's not REALLY harming anyone, and in fact I think I'm responsible for at least ONE couple getting together after the spinning session. One guy and one girl were so revved up that they went to a somewhat secluded corner of the gym and made out a little.

That's me, Matchmaker Jaycee!


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