No one is telling me anything, but I'm sure Attitude is back. She's probably hiding, plotting more mischief to make my life miserable.

I should have known. New hot and smart chick like Meg walks up to me in a bar, flirts with me, ends up in my bed in record time, has a high sex drive  and can't get her hands off of me... You'd think I would have picked up on the fact that this MUST be some trick from Attitude, right? Well, I never pretented to be the smartest cookie in the jar.

I've spent the last four days dodging Meghan's calls. (NO, it DIDN'T have anything to do with Mandy!) I just needed to figure out what was happening, and also tried finding Attitude in my apartment. In both tasks, I've miserably failed. No sign of that blasted faerie. As for what is going on, I think she's put some kind of libido curse on Meg, something that gives her uncontrollable urges at all times. Or some kind of super-pheromones thing that makes her irresistible to me.

Meghan has tried calling and texting me all week, but I haven't received anything from her since last night. Maybe she decided to move on or something. I want to call her, but I don't know what to say. I can't exactly tell her about the faerie and there is no real good explanation for not returning her calls this week. She's probably furious, or confused, or a bit of both.

Maybe I'll try calling her tomorrow. Perhaps I could make something up about a death in the family.

Yeah. Very clever, Jaycee. THAT will be credible.

On the work front: I've had a huge pile of submissions to go through this week. I've had to spend a LOT of overtime reading and redlining articles pretty late almost every evening this week (which helped get my mind off Meghan). Then on Thursday night, something VERY strange happened: I think I caught Morgan masturbating in her office. It was late at night (9PM), and it was from a good distance (so I don't think she saw me). I couldn't quite tell because I didn't have a good angle on what was going on under her desk, but she was twisting and sighing in her chair, and eventually bit into her fist in that unmistakable way during climax.

After she got up to go to the bathroom, I quickly slipped into her office and inspected it. It didn't take me long to find some specks of sparkly dust on her keyboard -- faerie dust!

So yeah, unless there's a NEW faerie in town, Attitude is back! And she's messing with my work again.