I said I was going to do it, and I did. I went to Lana's work place at lunch. It didn't go well, for reasons that will soon become apparent.

I went there on my lunch time. When I was in sight of the cafe, I spotted Lana's friend, Cathy. She spotted me too and immediately ran inside. Since the two are good friends, I took this as a good sign and a bad sign. Good because if Cathy had run inside, it meant that Lana was there. Bad because if Cathy FELT she had to run inside, that was because my presence there was not a good thing. (And sure, considering what happened before, I can't blame anyone for thinking that.)

As I entered the cafe, my eyes scanned for either Lana or Cathy, but neither was in sight. I accosted another waitress, some girl I'd never seen, and asked for Lana. She pointed in the direction of the corridor to the bathrooms, where I knew there was also en employees' room. I made a bet the two had taken refuge there. This didn't look good, but I'd worked out the courage to make it this far, I wasn't going to back down.

I made my way to the employees' room and turned the door knob. Locked. I knocked.

"Lana. I know you're in there." In truth, I didn't KNOW it, but it was a pretty good bet.

There was silence.

"Look, I'm NOT going away. We need to talk. If I have to spend ALL afternoon standing here, I will."

Still no answer.

"All right, you don't need to open the door. I'll just talk. I know what I did was pretty bad. I was a jerk for doing it, especially on your birthday. I... I can't explain it. It felt... like something you might be into, or something... I don't know, it was stupid. But I want to get past this... I really care about you, and I want to make it up to you."

There was a pause. I didn't really know where to go with this. I'd rehearsed the speech all weekend, but it never sounded very convincing to me. I don't think I would have bought it if someone had delivered it to me. But Lana is a different kind of girl. She believes in the best in people, not the worst. She gives second chances. She helps out when she can.

There were some whispers behind the doors, and I thought I even heard a sob. Then, a voice:

"You're an asshole," I heard Lana say. "A REAL asshole."

That wasn't her kind of language. It spoke to how bad I'd hurt her.

"You're right," I admitted. "And I don't want to be one. I want to be better than that. And I CAN be better than that. Listen, it was just ONE mistake. A horrible one. But for everything else, didn't I do okay? Better than okay, even?"

There was another silence, broken only by the determined clacking of female shoes behind me. Someone needed to go to the bathroom and was on a mission to get there. I heard some clicking from the door handle. Lana was unlocking the door. We were going to talk face to face! Progress!

But then, it went so wrong, words cannot express it.

The sound of the shoes stopped right behind me. Before I could turn around to see who it was, arms were wrapping around me from behind, and one leg was even locking itself around my thigh. I felt a tall, curvaceous body press itself against me from behind, and I immediately recognized the perfume. Morgan! As her hips pushed themselves rhythmically against my butt, she whispered in my ear, "Ooh, lover! Mmmh... Take me right here!"

In front of my horrified eyes, the door to the employees' room opened before me. It was like a slow-motion scene from a horror movie. I reached for the handle, hoping to close it before Lana saw what was happening, but Morgan was pulling me back, clearly in lust, hoping to get some action going between us. It was hopeless.

And then the door was finally open. Lana saw us.The look on her face pierced my heart. It felt like my world was shattering, all of a sudden. I can only imagine how it was for her.

We all stayed frozen for a tiny bit of eternity. Except Morgan, who was dabbing heated kisses upon my neck while dry-humping me from behind. At least ONE of us was oblivious to this disaster.

Lana slipped past me, silent tears racing down her cheeks. Cathy made to follow her, paused, then turned to look at me. She was seething. Her hand balled into a fist and she punched me in the stomach with all her strength. Then, she turned around and fled, leaving me unable to catch my breath, in the hands of a vixen that wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Lana, wait," I tried to say. But I knew those words were hopeless.