It may not surprise you to learn that I've been interacting with faeries for a good while now. Some of the tales you'll be reading about here are inspired by some of my own misadventures. I am not really like Sir Thane, though looking back on the mistakes I've made, I certainly regard my younger self as pretty goofy. Today, I feel more like Gustav -- the guy who has hindsight, who has 20/20 vision, and who knows better. Just like him, I've learned what it means to mess with faeries, and I now give them a wide berth. Ah, the wisdom of years...

But I digress.

What I really want to ask, is for you to tell me about your own stories. I know there are some of you out there. I know you're reading these lines. My faerie friend told me about you, even if she didn't tell me your exact story. (Professional discretion, she calls it.) Here and now are the perfect time and place to come out.

So please, write and tell us about what you've gone through. Or, if you're going through something right now, keep us abreast of your torment. I promise we'll sympathize.