Holy crap. I can't believe I bought THAT, of all things.

A tarantula.

I'm just back from the exotic pet store. They had a ton of wild and unusual creatures, from iguanas to porcupines, snakes, and -- like I said -- tarantulas. I really wanted something low maintenance, and what REALLY sold me on it is that you only need to feed it once a week. Crickets and worms are just perfect, apparently.

Yeah, you may think it's creepy, but personally, I like the idea. This isn't a pet that's going to need a lot of food, or maintenance, and it's totally rad.

I got a FRIKKIN' tarantula!

(And with any luck, it's a radioactive type, and if it ever bites me, I'll get superhuman powers!)

Shyeah, right!


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