Well, I'm back home and back to work. If you've followed the tragic and upsetting tale of Meghan and Brooke's hookup during the trip, you may wonder what's happened during the last day before we all returned home. I'll summarize it here (and keep it short because I'm in no mood to dwell on this topic).

First, Brooke tried to come explain himself to me. I flung more insults at him than I knew I had in me. Deep down, I said, I shouldn't be surprised. He never could keep it in his pants, and clearly he valued his sex life more than he did our friendship. Well, I concluded, he wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.

Then, Zuri came to see me, somewhere around lunch time, and brought me some fruits and juice. I realized I hadn't eaten anything since the day before. It looks like Zuri had noticed before I did. She suggested I get out of the room and get some sunshine while it lasted. I would be back to work in no time, and I should enjoy my time off while I had it. There was no point in letting these two idiots ruin MY vacations, right? So I let her lead me poolside and spent the afternoon trying to read a book.

I also spent most of the afternoon peering OVER the book to see if I'd catch sight of Meg. I was half-hoping she'd some to try and apologize, and I could send her packing, towering from my very, very high horse. But she never showed up, never tried to apologize for letting Brooke have his way with her.

So I left the resort yesterday morning. Neither traitor was on the plane. It looks like they decided to extend their vacation together, or at least couldn't face me on the flight back. So it was just Zuri and I, and I was not in a very talkative mood. She tried to cheer me up a bit, but for the most part, I just tuned her out. I have my own stuff to figure out.

Anyway, I'm back home now. I've put all of Meghan's things in a garbage bag and put it away in a closet. If she doesn't come to pick it up in the next week, I'm trashing it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go spend some time thinking of ways to torture both her and Brooke for what they've done.