I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm currently on vacations (with Meghan, Brooke and Zuri) in the Caribbeans, right? This is why the updates to the members forum are on the light side at the moment.

On the other side, there's a great benefit (to me!) about being that far away from home: no faerie to make my life miserable. So now, it's sunshine, the big blue, and ABSOLUTELY NO THOUGHTS of work. Really, this is paradise! Yesterday, we went scuba diving and we crossed paths with an eagle ray. It was Zuri (of course!) who spotted it first. The thing was a mere 25' away from us, and was the size of a dinner table (if that table was 6' across and square). It's a bit hard to measure distances and dimensions underwater, but it was close enough for me to count the spots on its back and notice the lampreys (?) attached to its belly. It was an amazing sight to watch.

Today, more diving planned. I can't wati to see what the sea has in store for us this time. Tomorrow, some Mayan ruins, I think. And all this -- did I mention it? -- without any faeries of any kind!