Yesterday: another day of diving. We saw turtles. One decided she liked us and swam next to us for several minutes before parting ways. Brooke took some great photos of it, as well as a short video. It was absolutely gorgeous.

And last night, something quite unusual happened. Zuri (who is a certified Divemaster) wanted to do a night dive. Meghan was too tired from the day's dive, and Brooke wasn't in the mood for it, so we ended up going just the two of us. We rented a boat and Zuri piloted it to the mooring point a few clicks off the coast. She told me to gear up, dive first, and she'd join me shortly. So I did. Once in the water, I looked back at her on the deck, signaled that I was okay. Then, I watched in disbelief as she removed her bikini top, then the bottom. Damn, that girl is HOT. She quickly put on her equipment and followed me into the water.

"We forgot to do something," she said loudly over the waves.

"What's that," I managed to stutter.

"Equipment and safety checks. So let's do it now. Give me your hands, I'll show you how."

"B-but... you're naked!" I stammered, demonstrating my great powers of observation.

She laughed. "THAT equipment doesn't need checking, Jaycee. Stay focused."

And then she proceeded to guide my hands over the equipment that needed checking: straps, air flows, weight belt, etc. I couldn't help thinking of all the bare skin and exposed parts that were within reach of my fingertips. it wouldn't have been very hard to justify poor visibility to grope or fondle her, but I managed to control myself.

We dove down to about 50 feet and circled around the boat for about 40 minutes before coming back up. It's hard to describe the sights in the water when there's no light, but there's an incredible feeling that comes with a night dive. Like you're not supposed to be there, but you belong to the deep at the same time. It was yet another incredible experience, and I recommend it to anyone out there who has a sense of adventure.

When I finally came out (after letting Zuri go first), she had already put on her bikini. We talked about the dive a lot, but it took me a bit of time before I was able to bring up the topic of her nudity. She laughed, but there was no shame in her laughter. She didn't offer any explanation for it, and I kind of felt silly for even asking.

We docked, put away our equipment, and said goodnight. She gave me a hug. "Thanks for being my diving buddy tonight!" she said. Then her eyes flew down a bit. "Don't look now, but I think there's a barracuda in your trunks, Jaycee." And with a laugh and a twinkle in her eye, she was gone.

Damn that girl.