Yesterday, we decided to do something a bit different from the usual diving (if you can EVER call diving "usual") and went to visit some nearby Mayan ruins. Meghan had a bit of an argument over this: there were two sites to visit, one that was smaller and well preserved, the other bigger & more prestigious, but more deteriorated. Meghan wanted to see the smaller one because it would make for better photo shots, whereas I wanted to stand on top of the highest pyramid and look at the surrounding area from there. Brooke and Zuri had no real opinions on the matter, so Zuri is the one who suggested we split up. Brooke offered to go with Meghan, since she could take some great shots of him in front of the ruins He made up some excuse about building up some kind of portfolio for ad agencies, but I think it's all part of his pickup game. He always says chicks dig adventurous guys, and what's more adventurous than a shirtless hunk near some ruins in the middle of the jungle?

So Zuri said she'd come with me to the big site, and we'd meet back at the resort at the end of the day. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about being on my own with Zuri. Since her naked night dive with me yesterday, I've been wondering if she's been hitting on me in some way. I'm typically horrible at reading signals, and (believe it or not) being roomies with a faerie that handles your sex life doesn't help me get any better at it. So I figured I'd play it safe and avoid ALL physical contact all day long. Heck, I'd try to ignore her as much as possible.

To be honest, my plan failed miserably. Zuri just isn't the kind of person you can ignore. First, she's absolutely hot, so your eyes have a will of their own (and they're not the ONLY part of your anatomy that misbehave around her). Second, she's smart, energetic, and very engaging. As we visited the ruins, she kept touching my elbow and directing my attention to this or that. She's the one who spotted the small tarantula on the steps of the pyramid, or the scorpion at the top of a wall in some dark recess of an ancient room. She took photos of bats flying all around her. She's the one who made all these references to architectural principles explaining why Mayan rooms were so narrow (something to do with the angles of the arches they could build). So after the first hour of exploration, I'd abandoned my plan. By mid-afternoon, I was realizing I was getting hugely attracted to her. By the time we returned, I knew I was falling for her, and that was going to be a problem.

So I figured we should have "the conversation." As we rode in the back on the van, I decided to bring up the topic. I said I'd had a great day, and she was great company, and I wasn't sure why she'd chosen to come with me, but I was glad. But also, after last night, I wasn't sure if I was reading things correctly, and didn't want her to misunderstand the situation. I was with Meghan, she meant a lot to me, and besides, she herself was with Brooke (right?) and he was my bro, so I didn't want to mess that up either.

She listened to me, a half-smile on her lips. When I was done, she just chuckled and said: "Jaycee, you're so cute when you're naive -- which is most of the time, I think. You have NOTHING to worry about."

And that was that.

Anyone knows what THAT meant?