There was more diving yesterday, and a whole lot of beach vegging.

Naturally, during the diving, I made a fool of myself. It was all going well until this very long fish started swimming toward us. It was about 3' long and snaking its way through the waters like... well, like a snake. What was odd about it was that its top was flat instead of pointy, like normal fishes. That should have been my first clue, but my brain wasn't functioning right. (To be honest, I'd been ogling Zuri's body and wasn't paying much attention to anything else.) So when it started coming at me, I tried to put some distance between us. It wouldn't let me.

So for the next 10-15 minutes, I tried everything I could to get away from it, but it never let me go. It would simply circle around me, no matter what I did. I began panicking a little and (as it was described to me later) started acting like seafood. In truth, there was nothing to worry about. That fish was not venomous, nor was it hostile. It was a remora, a very lazy and harmless fish. It was just looking to attach itself to me and ride along for a while, but *I* didn't know that.

Zuri kept motioning me to calm down, that there was no danger, but my brain didn't quite connect the dots until much later. By then, the remora had let me go and had moved on to other divers.

And once it was gone, I diligently resumed my ogling.

Hey! You would have done it too!