The last two days have been eventful, and not in the most pleasant way, I'm afraid. I'm leaving the resort tomorrow, to return home with several changed relationships.

On Wednesday, there was more diving. Meghan didn't join us because she wanted to catch some sun rays on the beach, and Brooke was off to visit some mystical Mayan cave a few hours from the resort (a place where there had been some human sacrifices, apparently). So Zuri and I joined half a dozen other divers and went off to check out some new coral reef sites.

We returned a few hours later and had lunch. I wandered off on the beach to read a book for a few hours. When I returned, the staff told me the Mayan tour cave had returned, so I headed to Brooke's cabin to find out how it had been. Upon arriving to the door, however, I heard some grunting and female moaning coming from inside, so I realized it wasn't the right time to knock. I headed out to the bar, intent on taking advantage of the half-price drinks during happy hour.

And there, sitting prettily at the bar and flirting with the bartender, I found Zuri. Suddenly, I found myself conflicted. Look, I *LIKE* Zuri, but Brooke's my bro, my wingman. There was no way I was going to tell her he was with another girl. So I put on my best face and joined her for drinks.

Thursday, there wasn't much going on. We all decided to take a day off of adventuring and diving, and enjoyed the pool and the beach together. I spent the day struggling with my loyalties in the Brooke-Zuri relationship. Was I doing the right thing by keeping silent? I stubbornly decided that yes, it was the right thing todo -- "bros before hos," right?

And Friday, it all collapsed around me like a house of cards.

Meghan was feeling REALLY sick and congested in the morning, so she would sleep in instead of coming diving with us. I offered to stay and take care of her, but she insisted that I didn't ruin my vacations for her. So I went off with my diving gear, ready for another morning of underwater adventure. Unfortunately, the waters were too choppy and the dive trip was cancelled. And as I returned to my cabin and turned the key, I heard some grunting and female moaning coming from inside. I pulled the door open and, right there upon my bed, I saw my girlfriend and my best friend screwing each other in heated passion.

I grabbed Brooke by the hair, yanked him back, and punched him in the face. Blood came out. Meghan screamed while I verbally abused Brooke and brutally shoved him in the chest and shoulders. He didn't try to defend himself. Then I turned to Meghan and spat vile insults at her. And finally, I stormed out and slammed the door behind me. I spent most of the day fuming and berating myself for not realizing what was going on. When I returned to my room that night, Meghan's things were gone.

That was yesterday. I haven't seen Brooke or Meg yet. We're leaving tomorrow, and I have the feeling this is going to be a very long and unpleasant day.